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im cal and i yell about things that i care about a lot. this includes comics, books, cartoons, nature, cute things, and attractive people. i speak fluent german, am a TCK and also currently a painting major.
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Title: Moonsetter
Artist: Homestuck
Album: Homestuck Vol. 9


This song makes me so happy whenver I hear it I love this song so much


LOOK at this jar i made!!!

don’t make loud noises he’s shy!


Favourite FashionAlexis Mabille, Spring 2013 Couture


"Are you trying to scare me? That’s going to be hard."

kickin’ off the new blog w/ long overdue paranatural fanart!! i’m actually in love w/ isabel sorry u//-//u


I really want you to realize
The fact that you’re beautiful
Why haven’t you realized it up until now?
It’s like you’ve lost your heart somewhere…



yeah so I ordered wrong size (it’s a medium unisex) too big for me, so I’m gonna give it away as thanks to all the followers! <3

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giveaway will end a week from now so April 24th sounds good!

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the design is by siiins, you can get it from society6! here: [link]

i should write a goddamn book on being fucked over by the student accounts office


todays warmup: where did this fandom go

Anonymous: What's your major in college?



Help a disabled femme continue her education!


 Hey everyone! As most of my followers know, I’ve been struggling a lot lately with my auto-immunse disease, as well as severe chronic pain in my hands that makes it impossible for me to grip anything for longer than a couple of minutes. I was forced to take time off from school to try and get this under control, but my doctor is at a loss at the cause and can only prescribe pain medication that doesn’t help when it comes to writing or drawing. Even after months of medication, I still can’t write longer than a couple minutes. Since I’ll be starting summer classes soon, this is a problem when it comes to note taking.

I’m currently acquiring accommodations that will allow me full use of electronics in my classes so I’m able to take notes properly. However, all I have on hand is my laptop, which is heavy and needs to be plugged in constantly due to the dying battery. I’ve taken my laptop to classes before, and it only causes more pain and is not worth the hassle. I want to buy a lightweight tablet with a keyboard that I can carry easily and use to further my education. Unfortunately, these cost quite a pretty penny, and I don’t have the money on hand to purchase one. I’m already relying on my parents full-time to pay for my living situation, as well as medication and food. I don’t want to put more financial strain on them, especially since they’re in the middle of moving out of our old home and we’re tight on money as is. I can’t work a job due to my disabilities, so my only source of income is through my -> Etsy shop <-. I’m trying to add new things to it weekly!

I’m also opening a donation button on my blog to help pay for the tablet. It’s hard for me to ask for this, but I know it’s the only way I’ll be able to continue college easily. This tablet is necessary for my education. Normally I’d open crochet commissions as well, but I can’t trust my hands to cooperate well enough right now. If you can’t donate, please signal boost! It would mean a lot to me to get even a little bit of money, and support is always welcome. Thank you to everyone who has helped me through these hard times and encouraged me to continue on with my education. You guys are the best! <3



oh tumblr with your superlock and dr. natural and sherwho xD


oh boy



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